Stalking Leena

This will likely be the last post from this blog.

It will be kept for archival purposes, but I’m starting a new one. This one currently carries too much emotional weight for me. Use the ask box if you’d like to find me on the new one.

"Yeah, so… if you let me go, I’ll tell you how I saved 15% on my car insurance. No, it’s not Geico."


Felt pretty cute today with my fancy bowtie. :3

Aww! My girlfriend is the cutest ever!! <3

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Also, new glasses. :3
Kind of an awkward face, because the sun was so bright. xD

Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel on the ocarina. Enjoy!

For emmalesbian. Top of my laptop. :) Sorry about the fingerprints. xD

What Leena pictures me as when I’m hungry/sleepy.

Early Valentine’s Day exchange! It’s funny, watch! :P Annotations on for best effect. :3


Dashboard-friendly version of the twisty-tie cat I made. :3


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